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RE-CONNECTING nerve, muscle, and ligament

ARP modality can reconnect tear in the ligament as in ACL Tear thus, allows our patients to avoid a painful ACL surgery.

The NeuroGenx / Synaptic 4000 Pro is the only device of its kind that treats chronic nerve condition.

muscles & joints pain

Before you consider going under the knife and having risky surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, herniated disc or TMJ you should ...                                                    

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ARP Modality Philosophy:

All ARP modalities work on the principle that joint problems, tears, sprains, fractures, or repetitive task injuries are caused by muscles not properly absorbing force. This energy propagates to tissue not intended to accept the force. ARP finds the source to the pain, generally a muscle that is incapable of doing its job and treats it to eliminate the cause to the end symptom. The end symptom of a pain will be resolved and a surgery is avoided. We do not treat bone fracture or joint problem, but treat the muscles so they can do their job supporting these areas. ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) is a system comprised of proprietary technology and protocols.

... When doctors, chiropractors and/or physiotherapists cannot help eliminate the pain, it's because they threat the end symptom of pain  (physiology) and NOT the origin, the source to the pain (neurology).  The ARP finds [and treats] the source to any pain and never threats the end symptom thus, pain is eliminated, recovery is faster and surgery is avoided ...

Best of the Best

The ARP modality is a one of a kind consultation program designed to change the quality of anyone's life. Our system uses our proprietary tools to assist us in changing your quality of life whether it be a medical challenge or a strength, conditioning, or performance challenge.

לחצו - ראיון בלעדי בטורונטו עם ד"ר בועז דולב   

Breaking News ...

In USA, the ARP system helped 40% of paraplegics (people on wheelchair) to walk again after 20+ years.  We only need a single nerve working in your body so we can get you walk again.

ARP modality is helpful in treating patients with early signs of cancer.

ARP modality helps Dogs and Horses to recover from muscle injuries.


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