You probably don't need that expensive and risky hip replacement or knee replacement surgery, ARP modality has a sensible and cost effective alternative to knee and hip replacement surgery which has been used by many of the world's top athletes.  Our treatment can help you avoid hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery, stop the need for a knee brace or hip brace, help speed recovery of knee cartilage or total hip replacement recovery. ARP modality provides hip replacement alternatives and knee replacement alternatives not found elsewhere.  Recover from knee injury or hip injury faster.



NFL NBA MLB MLS NHL Olympic athletes and hundreds of everyday people.


I am an ex NHL player who has had severe knee pain for over 10 years. I had to stop all activities I really loved because the pain was too great. A friend of mine also an ex NHL player told me to go see ARP and that they would get rid of the pain. I frankly did not believe it so I went to my friend who is an orthopedic surgeon and asked him what I needed and he said my knee was bone on bone and had to be replaced. I asked would that solve the problem for good and he said it would probably solve it but there were no guarantees and I would more than likely have to replace it in 15 years. That was not the answer I was looking for. I then asked him if he ever heard of the ARP and he said he had heard from other players it helped them but I was too far gone it would not help me. Well I called the clinic, went through the program, and went back to my doctor to show him I could move without pain and invited him out for golf. At the end of the round he said I was very lucky to have tried the ARP Treatment... it really worked."

"I am a 45 year old who loves to play golf and tennis and have had to stop because of extreme pain and limited mobility. My doctor told me I had to have both knees replaced they were bone on bone. I was referred to the ARP by my son who had gone there for a football injury he plays in the NFL. I called and spoke with Denis and it sounded too good to be true but I had nothing to lose so I flew in and went through the treatment. It was nothing short of a miracle after 10- days I was playing golf and tennis without extreme pain. I could still feel a little something but it was nothing compared to what I had been feeling. I called my son and he said I told you so. He said there are hundreds of NFL players who use the ARP daily to keep them Pain free."
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The ARP system is a breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitation.

Physical therapy works on the physical symptoms where as the ARP system works on the neurological origin.

The pain in your knee is where the problem ended not where the problem is coming from.   If you are bone on bone or have pain in your knees all the force is going to your knee joint, you are like a car with no shocks.

The problem is NOT your knee it is the muscles not absorbing the shock.

Our system finds the neurological origin of the muscle failure and gets the muscles to absorb force.

The result no surgery needed and no pain.

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