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"I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. I had constant twitching in the muscles of my legs and lost all strength in my legs so I needed to use a wheelchair. After just 10 treatments with the ARP System I have no more twitching in my legs and am beginning to walk. I sleep with the ARP every night and have no tremors or rigid muscles since I began."

"I was introduced to the ARP as a last resort. I was unable to walk, had extreme rigid muscles and had a difficult time sleeping. After my first evaluation treatment I felt more relaxed. I sleep with the ARP every night and every day I am getting stronger. Thank you so much Denis for giving me a quality of life I could only dream of before going through your system."
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Physical therapy works on the physical symptoms where as the ARP system works on the neurological origin.

The stiff ridged muscles and spasms is where the problem ended not where the problem is coming from.

The ARP system will do nothing for the disease but it can and will improve your quality of life.

Our system will instantly relax your muscles and over time dramatically build up your strength without doing things such as lifting weights which is difficult at best.

The result ... improved quality of life.

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