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"I was riding my motorcycle and the throttle stuck open flipping me off at over 100 miles an hour. Immediately after, I was unable to move my arms or legs without excruciating pain. Luckily there were no broken bones. I immediately began ARP treatment and in 5 days was back to work. My doctor told me in most cases as severe as mine I would still be in hospital and it would be at least a year before I would feel myself."

"I was in a head on collision years ago and have had multiple back surgeries and years of therapy. My knees, shoulder, and back killed me and I walked around at a pain level of 8-9. I was introduced to the ARP System and on my 5th treatment out of 20 in the plan ... I was pain free."

Karen from Toronto had car accident in which she spent years and monies on chiropractors and physiotherapy but non of them was able to help her.  Doctors in Ontario wanted to operate on her hip as they believed is the main source to her pain but Karen refused to do any surgery.  Karen was on heavy medication with pain killers for about three years until she heard about ARP.  When she came to me for an evaluation I have ascertained that her problem was not in her hip but a muscle in the groin area that was injured and I was right.  I saved her an unnecessary surgery.  After session 7 she was totally recovered and until today she never stopped thank me.  /  .ca    416.770.1757

The ARP system is a breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitation.

Physical therapy works on the physical symptoms where as the ARP system works on the neurological origin.

The pain in your body is where the problem ended not where the problem is coming from.

If you have pain in your body all the force is going to those areas, you are like a car with no shocks.

The problem is NOT the area where you have pain it is the muscles not absorbing the shock.

Our system finds the neurological origin of the muscle failure and gets the muscles to absorb force. The result no pain and very quick recovery.

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