TMJ is simply a muscle caught in protective mode.  It is not part of the dentists profession to fix such TMJ as dentists do not know how to treat TMJ.   The ARP has 90% success in treating TMJ by simply sending a neurologic signal to release the muscle.




NFL NBA MLB MLS NHL Olympic athletes and hundreds of everyday people.


"I was referred to ARP Way as a last resort. I have spent 20 years with pain above 8 on a daily basis.  In 20 years I went to different doctors or clinics but none of them was able to help me.  Finally, when i tried ARP way I was able to be pain free after my fifth session I am so happy to have met Dr. Boaz Dolev from the ARP Way."
Sharleen Cainer - Toronto, Ontario

"I have suffered with TMJ headaches and stiff neck for years. My dentist recommended I go to ARP.  I went through 10 treatments and have not had 1 headache since and my jaw does not have pain."

"I was referred to ARP as a last resort. I have spent 8 years with pain above 8 on a daily basis. In 8 years I have had two surgeries, multiple splints and mouth guards, and thousands of dollars of medication. When ARP Way evaluated me I was unable to open my mouth to allow 1 finger in without excruciating pain. After my first session I was able to put 3 fingers in my mouth without pain."
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The ARP is a breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitation.

Your Dentist is extremely skilled, he works on the physical symptoms of your TMJ.   The ARP system works on the neurological origin of your TMJ.

The pain in your JAW is where the problem ended, not where the problem is coming from.

If you have pain in your jaw, all the force is going to your jaw.

The problem is NOT your jaw, but rather it's that the muscles are not absorbing the shock.

The ARP finds the neurological origin of the muscle failure, and makes the muscles to absorb force.

The result: no pain, and movement is not restricted.

The ARP protocols are designed to increase blood supply,  which in turn helps the body heal itself.

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