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The Science

ARP Modality: Rooted in Solid Science, Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, one of the world's leading researchers, in his book, "Biologically Closed Electric Circuits," provides ...
boaz dolev (B.Sc., N.D., PhD) 

Natureorthopathy Doctor, Registered  and Certified NHP & HNP.  Involved with ARP since 2007, helped many people with various injuries: sport, work, car accident, and ...

Research / Study

A MUST READ - NEW ARP ACL RESEARCH: The cellular processes of tissue and bone healing are complex and multi-fractional. The scientific basis for ARP treatment is the ...
Services List

Arthritis & MS
Although Arthritis and MS are issues embedded inside the human body bones the ARP can alleviate the pain associated with bone pain thus improving the quality of life.   The ARP does not work on the bone to differentiate from working on the neurologic and muscles system only.

ACL, Knee, Hip, TMJ
Carpal Tunnel (i.e. wrist, elbow, Shoulder)
Lower Back, Upper Back
Neurology Disease (CMT, Drop Foot)
Auto Accident Recovery
Work & Sport Related Injury
Swelling, atrophy
Concussion Recovery
Multiple Sclerosis Suffering
Increase Physical Performance
Arthritis Relieves
What is the ARP modality?

The ARP modality is a combination of a proprietary electrical device and carefully designed protocols
which target injury at the source, eliminate inflammation and dramatically accelerate the recovery of all soft tissue injury often eliminating the need for surgery. ARP specialized in preventing the majority of orthopedic surgeries especially joint replacement surgeries, and if, surgery is needed than, we will dramatically speed-up the recovery time.
Service Overview

Therapy: The most advanced Neuropathic device.
The device has characteristics that are not found in any conventional therapeutic neuromuscular electrical stimulator (interferential, micro current, galvanic, Russian stim, iontophoresis) ....

Sport: Best for Performance and Strength.
We stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. We use electrical impulses allow triggering action potential on Moto neurons, which are transmitted to the muscle fibers via the motor ...
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