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mobile ARP therapy

We provide Mobile Treatments in Canada and Israel and would consider other cities in USA and EUROPE based on sufficient registrations

Health and Nutrition

Acute disease, Inflammation, Chronic Acidosis, Putrefying and Cancer, Causes of Disease, Drugs, Nerve energy depleting habits, Fermenting, Correct Food Combination ...
Increase Performance

Athletes and individuals who are interested in increasing physical performance, mass, stamina as well as reduce fat, swelling, and atrophy (weakness of muscles due to inactivity)

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  Toronto - Tel Aviv
No More Pain - The ARP way
Toronto, Ont CAN
Tel Aviv, ISR
CAN: 416.770.1757
USA:  206.497.1500
ISR:     03.605.3553
Free Fax: 1.855.853.9659
(US, CAN & Latin)
Skype: BoazDolev



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